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Q: My child wants to be in the marching band.  What do we need to do to enroll?

A: The first step every new marcher needs to make is to contact John Laswell, our band director indicating that you would like to march this year.  When you e-mail, please include age, instrument, and the middle school he/she attended.  Contact Mr. Laswell at Laswellj@wcsoh.org OR JLaswellWSHSBand@gmail.com.

Q:  My child is a first year marcher.  When is the first rehearsal?

A: The Westerville 4th of July Parade (and the rehearsals leading up to it).  Rehearsals for the July 4th Parade are June 27-29 at South High School from 5:30 to 8 PM.  This is especially important for first year members, as it gets them acquainted to the activity and a head start on making new friends!

Q: Is there a uniform for this parade?

A: Yes.  Uniforms will be available for purchase during the rehearsals for the 4th of July Parade. There is a nominal cost for the summer uniform.

Q: What fundraisers do the bands use?

A: Year Round:
Kroger Rewards organization # 84751
Amazon Smile Use this link to signup.

Restaurant Nights A portion of your meal goes to the band

August/ September: Spirit Wear
August: Fund Drive
September/October: Candy Bar Sale
September: Mumkins
November: Poinsettias
November: Heywood Banks/ Performer
Early December: Gingerbread Cottage
February or March: Mattress Sale
March: OMEA Large Group Contest
Spring: Flower sale


Q:  There are two weeks of Band Camp? 

Pre Band Camp begins on July 24th. This is for all members of the marching band.  Pre-camp is at South High School, and goes from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.  This gets students a head start on learning their competition show music, learning fundamentals of marching, and getting physically prepared for the season. For first time marchers, we will work around prior vacation plans and commitments, but do make your best effort to attend all of pre-camp.

Band Camp registration begins at 2:00 PM. July 30th.  On July 30th we will go from 2 to 9 PM.  Band Camp will continue Monday-Friday that week from 9:00 AM. – 9:00 PM. at South High School.  Band Camp is required for all students in the marching band.  During this week, students learn all aspects of their competition show including all of their music, and drill sets.  There will also be ice-breakers, games, and team-building activities during this time.  Students are fed lunch AND dinner during this week by the Westerville South Instrumental Boosters! These are the most important rehearsals for the marching band, it is crucial that your student attends for the entire time.  Memories and friends will be made, this is where greatness begins!

Q: When does the band rehearse during the school year?

A: All band members rehearse on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at the school from 3:15-6:00 PM. Percussion and Color Guard rehearse on Wednesday evenings, typically from 6-8:30 PM.  Many middle school students carpool from the middle schools to the high school.  Once we get into summer rehearsals we can begin to coordinate rides! 

Q: What Fees are associated with the band?

A: There are a few fees associated with band specifically in Westerville, and extracurricular activities at the high school level. The band fees for the 2017 season are $335.00.  This money is used for all aspects of our daily operations including music, drill, transportation (we pay to go to all of our competitions), band uniforms, instrument repair, and general upkeep of our equipment.   A marching band our size takes quite a bit of money to operate and maintain.  The important thing to remember is that there are payment plans for band fees.  If you are planning on making payments on your band fees please tell Mr. Laswell or Missi Howlett, our booster treasurer immediately.  Missi can be reached at wsimb.treasurer@gmail.com and Mr. Laswell at Laswellj@wcsoh.org OR JLaswellWSHSBand@gmail.com.

*For an up to date calendar, please go to www.westervillesouthband.org.  It is updated frequently!

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